Mastectomy Bra Fitting

Debora Holmes-Young is certified to provide fittings for Mastectomy bra products and services. She has 25 years experience in providing compassionate and empathetic services to help women in some of their most fragile moments. Based on educational standards maintained by the National Commission on Orthotic & Prosthetic Education she maintains a high degree of professional ethics and her business and eCommerce exceeds the latest standards of The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules.

Debora has the knowledge and skills of musculoskeletal anatomy, including upper limb: chest/upper limb and spinal, anatomical, symptoms of compensatory damage incident to physiological imbalance, basic psychosocial disorders/issues that may be encountered, applicable medical terminology, referral documents, measurement tools and techniques, procedures to record data, policies and procedures regarding privileged information, roles and responsibilities associated with other professions, reimbursement protocols (e.g., DMERC, HCFA), material safety procedures and standards (e.g., OSHA, MSDS), universal precautions, including sterile techniques and infection control, ethical standards regarding proper patient management, scope of practice related to mastectomy fitter credentials, when to refer the patient to other healthcare providers/caregivers, prosthetic forms (e.g., assessment, measurement, evaluation, outcomes), pathologies (e.g., cancer, surgical types and lymphedema issues), care and maintenance of breast prosthese, item warranty and warranty limitations, available educational materials, loss control (e.g., risk management, inventory control), federal and state rules, regulations, and guidelines (e.g., FDA, ADA)

Particular to mastectomy Debora possesses the skills in, interpreting referral documents, interviewing patients and referral sources, gross surface anatomy (e.g., identification of anatomical landmarks), interpretation of physical findings (e.g., recognizing skin pressures, dermatological conditions), managing patients relative to their condition, measuring for mastectomy prostheses, using mechanical measuring devices (tape measure is only device necessary or used), solving patient’s problems related to ADLs (e.g., dressing, driving), evaluating fit and function of a mastectomy prosthesis.

Furthermore she possesses the skill and knowledge of manufactured product lines and documentation particular to mastectomy products.
Debora is accomplished in making patient assessments including: reviewing a patient’s prescription/referral, taking a comprehensive patient history, including previous use of a prosthesis, diagnosis, work history, a vocational activities, and medical history and patient expectations. Debora will consult with other healthcare professionals and caregivers about patient’s condition to assist in formulating a treatment plan.

Debora has a reputation for excellence and compassion in communicating with patients and/or caregivers about the recommended treatment plan and any optional plans. If needed she refers patient, if appropriate, to other healthcare professionals (e.g., psychologist, therapist, physician) for intervention beyond mastectomy scope of practice

Debora also provides a formulation of the treatment plan by evaluating the findings to determine a prosthetic recommendation. She often formulates treatment goals and expected prosthetic outcomes and consults with physician/referral source to modify, if necessary, the original prescription and/or treatment plan.

Another important part of Debora’s Mastectomy Bra Fitting service is to identify type, size, shape and attachment of breast prosthesis to support anticipated outcome. This includes developing a plan for patient needs, including patient education and follow‐up and informing the patient or responsible parties of their financial responsibilities as they pertain to proposed treatment plan.

Of course the implementation of the treatment plan is one that Debora excels in. She iforms the patient, family, and/or caregiver of the prosthetic/mastectomy procedures, possible risks, and time involved in the procedure. Part of this process is to help select the appropriate prosthetic design and materials in order to implement treatment plan. Debora has extensive industry contacts and consults with manufacturers product guidelines (e.g. recommended use, limitations, care). She assemble prescribed product by assembling selected materials/components in order to prepare for fitting and/or delivery and assess the breast form for fit and comfort and to ensure that manufacturers’ guidelines have been followed prior to patient fitting/delivery.

One the products and materials have arrived Debora ensures that products are fit/delivered as prescribed. She educates and counsels the patient and/or caregiver about the use and maintenance of the prosthesis and garment (e.g., cleaning and other instructions). Of course this treatment is documented using established record‐keeping techniques to verify implementation of treatment plan.

Debora is excellent in following up with the treatment plan soliciting subjective feedback from patient and/or caregiver to determine status (e.g., wear schedule/tolerance, comfort, perceived benefits, perceived detriments, ability to don and doff, proper usage and function, overall patient satisfaction). She sssess patient’s: functional level, skin condition, general health and psychosocial status and determines the need for changes relative to initial treatment goals by assessing fit of prosthesis and garment.

This follow-up process is documented as well, as with all findings and actions and communicate with appropriate healthcare professionals  (e.g., referral sources, colleagues, supervisor) to ensure patient status is updated. Debora helps develop a long‐term follow‐up plan relative to diagnosis/prognosis.

Debora has managed her practice with an understanding of requirements of federal compliance regulations for the delivery of device within the Mastectomy Fitter Scope of Practice (e.g. Medicare, HIPPA). She fully understands the requirements of state compliance regulations for the delivery of device within the Mastectomy Fitter Scope of Practice (e.g. Medicaid, indigent care programs) as well as procedures for universal precautions and disposal of bio‐hazardous materials. In a secure and proper manner in keeping with best industry practices he maintains documentation of patient history and financial records by using established record‐taking techniques in order to verify patient care and other pertinent information

Debora is often asked to speak at national and regional conferences in the promotion of  competency and enhancement of professional practice for her field.  She participates in continuing education and/or provide such education for other health care professionals, consumer organizations and nongovernmental organizations in order to promote competency and enhancement of prosthetic profession.