Trulife Naturalwear BodiCool Oval Breast Form 491

The Trulife BodiCool Oval Breast Form 491 features a breakthrough innovation called TruCool Gel. The TruCool gel in the BodiCool line of forms provides a constant cooling effect by continuously drawing excess heat away from a woman’s body. You won’t find a cooler breast form on the market!

Manufacturer: Trulife
Product Name: BodiCool Breast Form
Style Number: 491
Shape: Symmetrical Oval
Available Sizes: 1-14 (See Sizing Chart at the bottom of this page. Click on the image to enlarge.)
Available Colors: Ivory Only
Fit: Average to Full
Packaging: One BodiCool Breast Form per box
Why BodiCool is Really, Really Cool

TruCool Gel, a Trulife proprietary silicone blend, features advanced cooling technology
Cooling cushions with TruCool Gel provide raised contact points promoting air circulation and maximum comfort
Technologically advanced design draws and contains excess heat from chest wall
Lightweight silicone helps the form feel even cooler
Trulife, the world’s leading provider of mastectomy products, is pleased to announce the launch of its BodiCool line, a collection of breast forms that address the two primary concerns of breast form wearers: heat and weight.

BodiCool breast forms integrate an innovative channeling system of Cooling Cushions with TruCool Gel, a Trulife proprietary silicone blend that uses an advanced cooling technology. BodiCool provides a constant cooling effect by continuously drawing excess heat away from a woman’s body. The raised Cooling Cushion contact points of the channeling system promote enhanced air circulation allowing for optimal cooling.

Heat generated from a woman’s chest wall is transferred and absorbed into the TruCool Gel and remains there until the breast form is removed. At first, the cooling material is frosty in appearance then gradually becomes clear as it absorbs excess heat. Once the BodiCool breast form is removed, the TruCool Gel returns to its original frosty appearance, indicating it is releasing heat and rejuvenating.

Continuing with the tradition of offering premium lightweight breast forms, Trulife offers BodiCool with the most advanced, lightweight silicone available for use in breast forms.

The BodiCool line of products includes both a symmetrical triangle form as well as an oval form.

Larry Knudsen, President of the Trulife Breastcare Division states:

“BodiCool addresses the heat and weight issues experienced by breast form wearers in a truly meaningful way and we are delighted to bring this product to market after years of extensive research.”

Price: $340.00