Trulife Naturalwear E Supreme Teardrop Breast Form 509

The Trulife E Supreme Breast Form 509 has a versatile teardrop shape that tapers at the top extension. The tapered extension can be positioned in any direction for optimal fit. This makes the Trulife E Supreme breast prosthesis very adaptable for different types of surgery. The symmetric teardrop shape matches the natural line of the breast and can be oriented with the extension toward the underarm or upper chest. It is a traditional weight which emulates natural breast tissue and provides for optimal weight balance.

Manufacturer: Trulife Naturalwear
Product Name: E Supreme Breast Form
Style Number: 509
Fit: Average to Full
Shape: Symmetrical Teardrop
Suitable for women whose surgeries remove some tissue under the arm or toward the clavicle. The teardrop has an extension which can be angled for best fit. Teardrops can be worn on the left or right side of the body.
Covers: Replacement covers are available for this style in Nude (N509) only.
Available Sizes: 1-17 (See Sizing Chart at the bottom of this page. Click on the image to enlarge.)
Packaging: One per box
Traditional silicone breast forms drape and move like natural breast tissue. The soft film and variety of shapes available make traditional silicone a good option for many women.

Features and Technology of Trulife Traditional Silicone Breast Forms:

Emulates natural breast tissue
Provides optimal weight balance
Translucent color
Removable cotton breast form cover
Product Features of the Trulife E Supreme 509:

Symmetrical Teardrop
Average to full profile
Large range of sizes (1-17)
Versatile teardrop shape tapers at top extension
Tapered extension can be positioned in any direction for optimal fits
Fits well with soft-cup bras

Price: $300.00