Trulife Naturalwear Silk Teardrop Breast Form 473

Trulife Naturalwear 473 Silk Teardrop Breast Form has a versatile, symmetrical teardrop shape which tapers at the top extension. The tapered extension can be positioned in any direction for an optimal fit. This breast prosthesis is suitable for women who’s surgeries remove some tissue under the arm or toward the clavicle. The Shallow to Average fits has a natural drape and profile. Fits either right or left side. The innovative outer skin feels silky and offers unparalleled softness and suppleness. Naturalwear Silk breast prostheses are 30% lighter than traditional silicone. Removable cotton breast form cover included.

Manufacturer: Trulife
Product Name: Silk Teardrop Breast Form
Style Number: 473
Available Colors: Ivory Only
Shape: Symmetrical Teardrop
Fit: Shallow to Average
Available Sizes: 1-14 (See Sizing Chart at the bottom of this page. Click on the image to enlarge.)
Sides: Fits both left and right
Packaging: 1 per box
Trulife Naturalwear Silk breast forms provide soft, natural lightweight comfort. Each Silk breast form features a silky-soft matte skin and is made from the lightest silicone, which is ideal for women with lymphedema and osteoarthritis. After a mastectomy, Trulife Naturalwear breast forms provide a natural, soft silhouette leaving you secure and confident.

Trulife’s Naturalwear Silk line defines what a breast form should be: soft and natural. The innovative skin is silky-soft and offers unparalleled softness and suppleness. All Trulife Silk breast forms offer a natural drape not found with other breast forms. Natural colored and dark-tone pigments product colors that blend well with various skin tones.

Features of the Trulife Naturalwear Silk Symmetrical Teardrop Breastform:

30% Lighter than traditional silicone
Versatile teardrop shape tapers at top extension
Tapered extension can be positioned in any direction for optimal fit
Shallow to Average Profile
A silk-soft, matte skin
Natural drape and profile
Removable cotton breast form cover
Fits a variety of body and surgery types
Fits well with both underwire and softcup bras

Price: $345.00