Trulife Silk Triangle Breast Form 471

Trulife Naturalwear 471 Silk Triangle Breast Form has a versatile, symmetrical triangle shape that fits a variety of body and surgery types. Fits right or left side. The innovative outer skin feels silky and offers unparalleled softness and suppleness. Naturalwear Silk breast prostheses are 30% lighter than traditional silicone. They have a natural drape and profile. The concave back accommodates excess tissue. Removable cotton breast form cover included. (The dark-tone version is the Silk Encore Triangle #483.)

Manufacturer: Trulife
Product Name: Silk Triangle Breast Form
Style Number: 471
Available Colors: Ivory Only*
Shape: Symmetrical Triangle
Fit: Shallow to Average
Available Sizes: 1-17 (See Sizing Chart at the bottom of this page. Click on the image to enlarge.)
Sides: Fits both left and right
Packaging: 1 per box
*See Trulife Naturalwear 483 Silk Encore Breast Form for the dark-tone version of this prosthesis.

Trulife Naturalwear Silk breast forms provide soft, natural lightweight comfort. Each Silk breast form features a silky-soft matte skin and is made from the lightest silicone, which is ideal for women with lymphedema and osteoarthritis. After a mastectomy, Trulife Naturalwear breast forms provide a natural, soft silhouette leaving you secure and confident.

The Silk Triangle #471 is the suggested replacement prosthesis for Trulife’s discontinued Harmony Breast Form #401.

Trulife’s Naturalwear Silk line defines what a breast form should be: soft and natural. The innovative skin is silky-soft and offers unparalleled softness and suppleness. All Trulife Silk breast forms offer a natural drape not found with other breast forms. Natural colored and dark-tone pigments product colors that blend well with various skin tones.

Features of the Trulife Naturalwear Silk Symmetrical Triangle Breastform:

30% Lighter than traditional silicone
A silk-soft, matte skin
Natural drape and profile
Removable cotton breast form cover
Versatile triangle shape fits a variety of body and surgery types
Fits well with both underwire and softcup bras
Concave back accommodates excess tissue
Available in dark-tone, see Silk Encore Triangle #483

Price: $200.00